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Halle Berry’s Ex Asking Her For Money


What a scumbag Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend, former model, Gabriel Aubry, is turning out to be!

Aubry has been accused of battery and child endangerment and now he reportedly counters with a suit against Hollywood actress Halle Berry asking her to pay him about $20,000 a month for a proper home.

He also had the audacity to ask for a ‘laundry list’ of things from Berry which included a “very large” amount of money for their daughter’s clothing, as well as money to take the child to Canada to visit his family.

Ewwww! What kind of a man would do that?

The ‘Gabriel Aubry’ kind would.

Halle and Aubry were not even married and here he is asking the Hollywood A-list actress for $20,000 a month for him to live on? From whatever angle Aubry is looking at it, he should realize that their ‘relationship’ did not amount to a vested right for him to ask for alimony from Berry.

This is nothing but extortion, plain and simple. The family court judge should see that all too clearly.

True, he did father Berry’s child, Nahla… so, what about his obligation to provide and support for their child?

Well, if he is asking Berry for money to live on, it would not be wrong to assume he cannot give his daughter child support.

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