The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale


The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale has left fans of the zombie apocalypse TV series from AMC looking forward to Season 3 in fall. Lead character Rick Grime’s best friend Shane Walsh and the moral leader of the survivors Dale are gone in previous episodes leading up to the season finale. The next question was who else among the main cast of survivors would go?

The season ender begins with a horde of walkers, a term the survivors used for the undead, wandering aimlessly from downtown Atlanta into nowhere. The horde is seen walking towards Herschel’s farm upon hearing a gunshot. This gunshot may have come from Carl when he shot Shane who just turned into a walker a few minutes after Rick stabbed him to death.

As these walkers overrun the farm, the group is broken as they head out in different directions. Farm residents Jimmy and Patricia fell victim to zombies although their death were not as epic as Dale’s and Shane’s.

The group reunites along the highway where they left supplies for Sophia but Andrea was left behind at the farm. As Andrea is about to be overcome by a walker due to fatigue, a hooded character wielding a katana sword rescues her. This must signal the entry of Michonne from the graphic comic book of the same title into the TV series.

The season ends with an aerial shot of a prison facility somewhere as the survivors set up camp for the night. This prison compound should give the audience a glimpse of things to come when a new season begins in fall.

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