Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Engaged?


For those who have the, “Oh no! I have yet to compare his bod to his brother’s and he’s already taken? What is the world coming to?!” thought bubble, do not fret.

And, for the ladies fantasizing about how gorgeous of a boy-toy Liam Hemsworth is, you can breathe that collective sigh of relief — at least for now.

Miley Cyrus, 19 and Liam Hemsworth, 22 are not engaged… that is according to a source to close to them (Miley’s official rep was unavailable for comment). But, the source adds the two are indeed talking about marriage. Well, maybe they are fantasizing about it as well, it doesn’t mean they are getting married next month.

Anyway, engagement talks surfaced after Miley was spotted wearing a huge diamond ring on her wedding ring finger. The 19-year-old former Hannah Montana star apparently posted a picture of her manicure on Twitter, thus revealing the big rock parked on her left hand in the process.

The couple, who have been dating on-and-off for three years since meeting on the set of The Last Song, and have a puppy called Ziggy together, also attended Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night XIII in Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday night (March 24), where Miley was once again wearing the eye-catching bauble.

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