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Megan Fox & Hubby Accused of Assault


When it is the paparazzi that is involved, would it really be assault when a celebrity tries to tell them to back off and they do not?

Or is it legally an invasion of privacy and the stars they are hounding become vested with the right to sock it to their faces and confiscate their recording devices?

Such is the quandary husband and wife, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox, have to face after reportedly pummeling a photographer and throwing his iPhone into the ocean.

Green and Fox, husband and wife of nearly two years, are now the defendants in a new lawsuit alleging the violent assault of a photographer on the beach in Hualalai, Hawaii last December.

Court documents say that paparazzo Delbert Shaw was taking photos of Green, 38, and wife Fox, 25, frolicking in the sand and surf. Bothered by the invasion to their privacy, the couple allegedly began arguing with Shaw — leading Green to begin “pummeling” Shaw, while ‘Friends With Kids’ star Fox reportedly cheered him on throughout the beating.

Shaw is said to be asking for unspecified damages, claiming that he suffered serious injuries, and that Green threw his iPhone into the ocean.

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