Leonardo DiCaprio Embarrassed with Titanic Performance


Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio has gone great leaps and bounds in his career since he appeared with British actress Kate Winslet in the movie, ‘Titanic’.

And, now that the landmark movie has a new 3D version out in theatres, DiCaprio cannot help but revisit his performance in the said blockbuster film.

Unfortunately, DiCaprio did not like his acting in the movie and was actually embarrassed when he was shown footages of the 3D version.

Director James Cameron sums it up best and revealed his former leading man was left red-faced when he recently re-watched the film.

“I wish Leo could be here but he’s shooting a film. It would have been great for Leo to be here, to be part of the celebrations. I didn’t show him the whole film but I showed him 18 minutes of it a few months ago. It was a good reunion for us but great to watch his reaction. He couldn’t believe it. He said to me, ‘I’m such a young punk. Look at me.’ He was practically crawling under the seat. It was a good moment,” Cameron was quoted as saying.

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  1. Marlene says:

    Soooooooo good looking, you know you have grown into a great actor…stop being so silly and enjoy your successes’


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