Cheryl Cole Dissing Ashley on New Single?


Is it just me or is it the year for dissing ex-husbands via new albums, new tracks or new singles?

Madonna was allegedly the first one to do it with Guy Ritchie, although the ‘Material Girl’ hit-maker did it ever so slightly and did not admit to dissing her ex-husband.

Now singer Cheryl Cole has reportedly targeted ex-husband Ashley Cole in a new track, entitled ‘Screw You’.

If will you recall, Cheryl divorced footballer Ashley in September 2010 amid allegations that he had cheated on her numerous times. There were reports of a reconciliation, but it never materialized.

And, now Cheryl has released a song that claims that he “never gave a ****” about their marriage.

That Cheryl, “Can’t believe all the s**t I did for you, was so caught up in the love I felt for ya. I was never enough, I never got your love.

“I loved you so much but you never gave a **** so screw you. I can still remember our first date, never thought I would scream I hate ya.”

Although, Cheryl does not directly refer Ashley in the track, it is quite evident that she was indeed talking about him and their failed marriage.

The track will be released as part of her third solo album this summer.

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