Ian Somerhalder’s Visit To The Philippines Can Be A Prank


It was April 1, also known as “April Fool’s Day” when the entire community of The Vampire Diaries fans in Davao City, Philippines went crazy when someone shared in Facebook that Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) is visiting for a fashion show entitled “Style Diaries”.

Ladies of the city freaked out upon the knowing the news wherein some even planned for a camp out just to see him. However, being that the news was shared on April Fool’s Day, it is also possible that everything was just a prank.

Somerhalder’s official twitter account hasn’t been tweeting for such escapade yet but there are web posts and pictures of tarpaulins of the mentioned event.

Being able to see him live and better yet have a picture with is such a great privilege. It’s like purchasing that dream beach properties for sale in the Philippines wherein it’s very rare to find a magnificent one these days. Retirement homes in the Philippines is one of the bests in the world, that’s why a lot of retirees are looking forward to have one.

Going back to the visit of Somerhalder, a lot are hoping that the news is true and there’s no other way to prove it but to wait for the date and see if Damon Salvatore will be around.

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