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Kareena Kapoor Mum on Wedding Plans



The buzz in Bollywood goes on about Kareena Kapoor’s supposed impending wedding to fellow actor and long-time beau Saif Ali Khan, but the actress herself remains mum on the whole thing and continues to refuse to divulge anything saying there still isn’t anything to reveal.

Even the date of the supposed wedding is still up in the air, although the buzz gets louder that December and February next year are the target months, based on the actress’ work schedule.

“Let’s see. I am as curious about the date as you are. There’s no reason why I would hide it? So, I just hope people would stop speculating about it,” Kareena said.

But whenever the big wedding happens Kareena is clear on one thing, that she has no plans to slow down from work at all. “I’m not slowing down or anything as such, just being choosy as always. I have always done films at a pace that I enjoy,” she expounds.

Kapoor is currently busy with Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Heroine’. She reveals that it is a film that is making her push her limits as an actor. “There are films that you do as a star and there are films that you do as an actor, I think Heroine fulfills both,” says Kareena.

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