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Gabrielle Union Banned From Courtside


Dwyane Wade’s biggest fan has been banned (by Wade himself) from sitting at the courtside — because he hears everything she hollers and it bothers him.

Wade’s biggest fan is of course none other than long-time girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union.

The ‘Think Like a Man’ star is no longer allowed to sit courtside despite her well-intended cheering for the Miami Heat team and her beau. She admitted, “That got killed when I became too vocal. He was like, ‘We’re going to need you to sit a few rows back because I can hear you.'”

“I’m like a dance mom: ‘Plie! Plie!'” She explained further. “I’ve become like Bobby Knight and like the Great Santini — it’s bad. I scream ‘brick!’ and ‘air ball!'”

Union also shares that even Wade is not spared of her courtside criticisms, saying, “Who’s going to tell him if not me? I heckle other players on opposing teams.”

Players are not Union’s only targets. Referees also get their usual dose of heckling from her.

“He hadn’t blown his whistle the whole game,” Union recalled. “I said, ‘You’ll get your Viagra if you just make a call!”

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