Six-legged Baby Born in Pakistan Now OK After Successful Surgery


A six-legged baby born in Pakistan was reportedly doing good after having been through an 8-hour operation that involves the removal of his extra limbs and legs.

“A team of five experienced doctors have successfully separated the extra legs and limbs from the baby today. He is very much safe and secure,” Dr. Raza, who heads the group of surgeons, said.

Dr. Raza identified the baby’s condition as Polymelia, a result when two cells do not form properly during embryonic development. He added that that the baby started out developing as conjoined twins.

However, one of the twins stopped growing and disintegrated except for his legs, which remained attached to the fetus, thus having six legs.

“It was strange that an apparently abnormal baby with six legs was as normal as other children. The extra limbs and legs were the result of a genetic disease which would affect only one in a million or more babies,” Dr. Raza said.

The six-legged baby was identified as Umar Farooq and was born from Imran Shaikh, an X-Ray technician and his wife. Due to a lack of resources and means to pay the medical bills, Imran asked the help of the government for funding.

Fortunately, Governor of Sindh heard his plead for help and said that the government would shoulder his medical expenses.

“We are a poor family. I am thankful to the government for helping us treating my baby,” Shaikh said.

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  1. ZAM says:

    thanks God! It’s good to heard that the baby is okay and safe. God Bless you little one.


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