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Fashion impacts to societies


Fashion is a frequently developing industry. A lot of people are interested in fashion, especially nowadays generation. It also influences the operation of society. To a certain point, a community or nation is well-known by its locally made and common attire and accessories. In this day and age, every individual are pretty conscious on what attire to wear, what variety of product and brands to buy. Since, it is usual to be aware on what to wear for fear of being judged and criticized by family, group of friends and on public. Different people have different needs and desires according to their particular choices.

Our outfit express a lot about us. It speaks us who we are in society and tells others about our whole character, our needs, wants, abilities and behaviour. It is said that less than 100% of what you say doesn’t come out of our mouth. It so then fashion is a silent but an influenced and effective communicator. With no hesitation fashion is an important appearance of our well-being in society, At times; clothes are something that can help us to find an individual personality.

Famous celebrities, stars, personages, politicians and royalty have the largest influence on fashion and without thinking about it people follow them even though there were problems on their social economic standing. Most people adopt celebrity fashion especially at present.

Similar to the Fashion icon Imelda Marcos.

Her name is synonymous with having a huge shoe collection. Imelda Marcos is the widow of late Former President Ferdinand Marcos. An investigation of her property at the presidential palace after she was exiled to Hawaii found 900 handbags, 500 gowns, and thousands of pair of shoes.

She influenced other people to collect shoes especially those people who really love shoes, and they expressed their feelings through collecting shoes as much as they want. A lot people weather famous or not are also like with Imelda who collects fashion icons define their behaviour and personality.

Katy Perry – The Pop Star who wears weird outfits and has unique coloured hair. Her original style of dress often combines lively colors in old-fashioned styles and vintage fashion with a playful Bettie Page look.

She has an impact to people who have passion in unique fashion. She’s eye catching each time she dressed up, she might not be wearing styles off the runaway, she’s inspired hundreds of women to become more artistic with their looks.

Diana – The late Princess of Wales, wore her fashion precious sapphire engagement ring that is surrounded with 15 diamonds. As their royal traditions all private properties left by the parents will go directly to their first born son, Prince William.

Princess Diana was also known for her unerring sense of style that influenced a group of women. With her style, Diana influenced women and inspired fashion designers worldwide – not only with her clothes, but her signature hairdo, too. Her fashions raised the British fashion industry to new elevations and catapulted designers such as Catherine Walker and Bruce Oldfield into style celebrity.

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Fashion impacts to societies  



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