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World’s largest McDonald’s to be Built in London for 2012 Olympics


McDonald’s fans have something to look forward to in London aside from the upcoming 2012 Olympics as the restaurant chain announced that it will be building the World’s largest McDonald’s.

The size of the planned World’s largest McDonald’s will be equivalent to about half the length of a standard football field where the world’s elite athletes and spectators will dine in a 3,000 square-meters (32,292 square feet) restaurant built temporarily for the Olympics.

The largest McDonald’s in the world will have two floors with a seating capacity enough to accommodate 1,500 customers. It is part of the original plan to build four new McDonald’s restaurants at the Olympic Park in east London, with the largest one being its flagship store. It has also been reported that will be staffed by 2,000 people, who will work to serve more than 50,000 Big Macs and 180,000 servings of French fries.

Despite the image of the foods being offered as unhealthy, McDonald’s will use this event to promote children’s well-being. McDonald’s Global Chief Brand Officer, Kevin Newell, feels that McDonald’s role in the 2012 London Summer Olympics is a great opportunity to kick-off the new fitness campaign.

“Most people when they talk about children’s well-being, they go immediately to the food, but … it’s also about education and activity. And the Olympics will set us up very nicely to launch a few things around children’s well-being,” Kevin Newell said.

For the ninth year in a row, McDonald’s will be the top sponsor for the Olympic Games. Moreover, it will be the only brand of food in the Olympic Park and Athlete’s Village.

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