Bruce Jenner Surprised by $40M TV Deal


Talk about being in ‘kept in the dark’.

Well, it seems Bruce Jenner has not just been kept in the dark about the millions his wife and step-daughters are signing for, he is the real epitome of someone who cannot keep up with the Kardashians.

Jenner admitted on national TV that he did not know his family signed a new $40 million deal with E!, saying he only found out while he was watching the news.

“I didn’t even know it happened!” Bruce admitted. “I don’t follow any of that stuff. The girls are into the money thing.”

He explained, “Honestly, a couple days ago I was watching the news and then this ticker comes across the screen saying, ‘Kardashians sign a new deal’ and I was like, ‘We did? That’s kind of nice.’”

But, until he heard the whole story on the news he had no idea it was for $40 million dollars.

Just like Kris Humphries who was never in the know when it came to Kim Kardashian and her mega empire, it seems Bruce leaves everything money-related to Kris Jenner — she even monitors his spending.

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