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Jessica Simpson Sells Baby’s Pics


Looks like Jessica Simpson gained not just pounds for her pregnancy, she also gained more money smarts as well.

The businesswoman in Jessica brokered and agreed to a deal (or more like a ‘bet’) with ‘Weight-watchers’ that she can drop all the post-baby weight on their program.

So much for those naysayers who have been lambasting her for using her pregnancy as some sort of a convenient excuse to become so huge, with some even betting their bottom dollar that she will never be able wear her daisy dukes ever again.

With that three million deal with ‘Weight-watchers’ Jessica will surely have three million reasons to try her hardest to lose the weight — not that she needs the three million, but she does need to lose weight… so why not do it with her husband’s enthusiastic support and a $3 million incentive on the side?

Aside from this ‘Weight-watchers’ deal, Jessica Simpson has reportedly sold the first pictures of her newborn daughter for $800,000 to ‘People’ magazine — again, not that she needs the $800,000, but why not make money off your baby’s pics when the opportunity is offered to you, right? You and I would.

Ever since she became a mother, Jessica says her life has changed for the better. She tweeted: “I am so in love with baby Maxwell. I want to cry every time I look at her. Motherhood is by far the best thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Indeed, if every woman can just get pregnant, get paid $3 million to lose the post-baby weight and sell her child’s pictures for at least $800,000 then motherhood would really be the very best thing a woman will experience — on top of having the baby.

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