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Diane Tran Online Petition Now Has 31,830 Signatures


The online petition for Diane Tran has been pouring with signatures asking for Montgomery Judge Lanny Moriarty in the State of Texas to reverse its earlier decision. The current number of signature at Change.org for Diane Tran has now reached 31,83 as of this writing.

Diane Tran is a 17-year-old honor high school student in Texas who takes advanced placement and dual credit college level courses. She was ordered to spend 24 hours in jail and pay a $100 fine when she missed her classes last week as reported by Khou.com based in Houston, Texas.

Tran reasoned out her part-time works for missing her classes. She said she is working very hard to support her siblings – an older brother who is attending his school at Texas A&M University and a baby sister who lives with her relatives in Houston.

Unfortunately, she is forced to do this because her parents have divorced and both moved away, leaving her in Willis.

Apparently, the Texas law, particularly Texas Education Code 25.0951 law, as posted at Willis Independent School District’s official website says that they “may refer a student to a juvenile court who has absences without excuse of ten days or more or parts of days within a six-month period in the same school year.”

Currently, Diane Tran lives with the family of one of her employers who own a wedding venue where she works at the Vineyard of Waverly Manor on weekends and at a dry cleaners full time.

Devin Hill, a friend, co-worker and classmate, described Tran’s persistence and fighting spirit saying: “She goes from job to job, from school she stays up ‘til 7 o’clock in the morning to do her homework.”

Letitia Gutierrez commented saying: “This remarkable young woman doesn’t deserve jail. She deserves a medal. She has done what her parents failed to do– stepped in and supported her family when the parents abandoned the children.

Throwing her in jail is lunacy. If anything, her parents are the ones who should be facing jail time for creating the situation that has caused this young woman to be in this position at all. Judge Moriarty is out of line for throwing her in jail to “make an example” of her. In truth, Diane Tran is an example of the best parts of this country, where people work hard and do the right thing. Revoke her fine and sentencing NOW.”

Aside from the petition at Change.org, a project to raise money for Diane Tran has been set up by Louisiana Children’s Education Alliance at helpdianetran.com. As of this writing, the project has accumulated $35,323.

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  1. Neil Nguyen says:

    Human need a judge who has a heart. We do not need a robot judge. One day in jail for Diane Tran shall vanish one of an future excellent medical doctor that we need.


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