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‘Saifeena’ to Marry on October 16


At last, the exact date for the long-awaited wedding of sweethearts Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor has been revealed — by the groom-to-be’s sister no less.

The wedding date of Saif-Kareena, hence ‘Saifeena’ has been finalized for October 16, as per the first official confirmation from the Saif’s family.

“Thank you all for the good wishes for bhai and Kareena — I am happy to say that the wedding date has been set for October 16th in Pataudi!” Khan’s sister, Soha wrote on Twitter account.

The pair have been dating for five years and their impending wedding have naturally created lot of curiosity among their fans.

The couple had declared officially that they will tie the knot in the beginning of 2012, after the release of their film ‘Agent Vinod’. The marriage was reportedly scheduled for February-March but the poor health of Saif’s now-deceased father forced the couple to move their wedding plans.

Saif, 41, has two children from his previous marriage and Kareena had ended her three-year relationship with Shahid Kapoor, before she chose to hook up with Saif.

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