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Google Tablet Priced at $199 Wants to Challenge iPad’s Dominance


The supremacy of Apple in the segment of table computers wants to be challenged by a newcomer.

Tech-giant Google is going to launch a tablet this week with a price of $199; way much cheaper than Apple’s iPad which is currently priced at $399.

According to tech news reports, Google is set to unveil this tablet in their upcoming Google I/O conference that will be starting on Wednesday.

Speculations are gathering steam about this tablet for weeks, which tech writers say may be smaller than the iPad with its 7-inch screen.  Google is said to be developing this Nexus tablet with Asus and will be running the Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” operating system.  It will also have a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and boasts of a screen with different viewing angles.

Expected to be integrated in this tablet is the availability of Google applications like Google wallet and Google Plus, aside from the thousands of available apps from Android.

The $199 price tag for the tablet is for the 8GB model while an added $100 is for the 16GB.

Aside from challenging the iPad, this new gadget also wants to get a share of the lucrative table market, cutting on Samsung’s runner-up status with its Galaxy Tab.

As of this writing, Google officials are not yet issuing any statement as regards this tech rumor.

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