Ann Curry Confirms Leaving the “Today” Show; To be Replaced by Savannah Guthrie


After many weeks of speculations and rumors, Ann Curry confirms that she is leaving the “Today” show.

The host herself made the announcement early Thursday on USA Today.  Ann has co-hosted the show after more than a year.  She also admitted that leaving the show is a very difficult process for her

“I’m going to have to tell our viewers.  That’s what makes me more emotional than anything. I don’t want to leave them. I love them. And I will really miss them,” said Curry.

For weeks, rumors are circulating that Ann is going to be fired and replaced in the popular American morning show.  She has not made any public admission though and continued to report to work.  The network is also tight-lipped on the issue.

In an article in a magazine most recently, with which she was featured, Ann admitted that she sometimes tend to ask herself is she is good enough and competent enough in her job.  This has fueled all the speculations regarding her departure from the show.

So what will happen to Curry when she leaves the morning show?

Well, she has a long-term contract with NBC News, and said that NBC News president Steve Capus convinced her to stay.  She will become a national and international correspondent, a job that she said she will have more ease performing.

According to reports, Savannah Guthrie has already been formally asked to replace Curry.  Guthrie is seen as a favorite replacement for Curry.

Curry also denied reports that she is going to receive $10 million a year with the network.


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  1. S Doyle says:

    NBC Today just lost a few more viewers over this!


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