Why Did Ann Curry Leave the ‘Today’ Show on NBC?


After 15 years in “Today” show, Ann Curry finally bid goodbye to her viewers last Thursday, June 28, 2012.

“This is not easy to say but today is going to be my last morning as a regular co-host of ‘Today’. I will still be part of the ‘Today’ show family but I will have a new title and a new role. And this is not how I ever expected to leave this couch after fifteen years. But I am so grateful, especially to all of you who watch,” Curry said.

Curry said it was not her idea to leave the show but NBC’s. The show is reportedly losing its lead in the morning-show ratings war with ABC’s “Good Morning America after holding the morning lead for more than 15 years.

“I know I am not to blame for the ratings worries. And my bosses have said to me there are many factors involved. There is no doubt that the rating wars have become meaner and less focused on our responsibilities as journalists,” Curry said.

Ann Curry Leaving Today Show
Image Credit: Today.com

This was confirmed when NBC News chief Steve Capus spoke saying that he thought Ann Curry had not been right for the job in many respects. He said he agreed with interviewer Marisa Guthrie that Curry had faltered in the cooking segments, movie star interviews and fluffy features that make up a large portion of “Today.”

“I think her real passion is built around reporting on international stories. It’s tough to convey a sincere interest in something if you don’t possess it … and you could tell with her, you can tell with any anchor, whether they’re into it or not. And I think we’ve now come up with a role that will play to her strengths,” he said.

“We gave her a year to prove herself, and ultimately we came to the conclusion that she had played at the highest level she could. When you’re in the major leagues of our profession, you’ve got to continue to be at peak performance in order to stay there,” he continued.

On Friday, NBC announced that, as expected, fellow “Today” host Savannah Guthrie would be replacing the position of Ann Curry.

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  1. Roberta says:

    That is rediculous. She did a great job! Speculators for ratings should look at it takes how many segments to get to a feature after implying next…then cut off guest not allowing enough time for a decent interview !

    • Melinda Williams says:

      I am also very dissaponted that they let Ann Curry go, and their reasons are absurd!!! I do not like Savanna and have given her a chance. I am watching Fox News now.

  2. I will truly miss Ann Curry, I wake up to her warm friendly smile. taking nothing from Savanna. But Matt Laurer is the one who needed replacing. never liked the Guy. he showed his true coloe when President Obama was elected…he is as common as bleach.

  3. Marsha Pazos says:

    I am getting tired of watching the Today show, it’s not Anne who is the problem, it’s the show as a whole. It’s become a talk show not a news show. I have started watching FOX, almost 24/7 when I have my TV on. That’s news you can count on. Not NBC, so I hope Anne Curry moves on to better place. I though she was awesome!!!!!

  4. Marianne Balistreri says:

    I agree that the content of the show is the culprit for the loss in ratings. Although I like the home and fashion segments, I watch for the news. The current format is more like a talk show and less about world events & hard hitting news. We already have enough entertainment focused programming and entertainment related gossip is of no interest to me. I still watch daily, but I must admit that the news has been softer and less relevant. This is something for the execs to ponder!

  5. Kim Hart says:

    I will no longer watch the today show! Anne Curry is a major talent and was treated unfairly ! I have met several of the today show “talent” and Anne by far was the nicest most down to earth. NBC you lost a viewer who will now watch GMA.I’m sure Anne will come back strong! She is a gifted woman!

  6. Ann Boyd says:

    NBC threw away their greatest asset. Ann was the caring heart of the show, and you have to have a heart to survive. You have lost me. How out of touch can you be?

  7. DeeDee says:

    Thats rediculous!!!!! Anne curry was a great asset to nbc’s Today Show. I thought she was the most professional person on the show. Somebody should fire the producers. Then the ratings might be better!!!!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I miss Ann Curry and no longer watch your show. I gave it a try after Ann left, but Savannah is fluff – which is what the producers said they needed. That’s not what most people look for.

    • Melinda Williams says:

      I agree with your comment, and miss Ann Curry. I have slipped away from the show myself. Because I like Matt, Al & Natalie I do tune in periodically.

  9. Melinda Williams says:

    I am very upset about Ann Curry kleaving The Today Show!! I have watched this show for 30 years and have watched many anchors come and go. When Katie Couric was hired I almost slipped away because I just did not like her, however I really liked Matt, Al & Ann so decided to stay! Since they let Ann go I am seeing myself watching other news channels due to I don’t like Savanna. I am really upset that Ann left the show. I really liked her!! I will probably quit watching the show.

  10. David Waites says:

    It wasn’t Ann to blame,it was NBC for not keeping a steady crew which makes ratings drop,people don’t want to be set every morning to the longtime faces when their changed every 2 years


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