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Walt Disney Celebrates Epcot’s 30th Anniversary with full of sale and Celebration


The 41st anniversary of Walt Disney has begun few hours ago, the 41st Walt Disney and  30th  of Epcot, a celebration from the past up to the present just to reminisce all the happy memories and history. It is considered as a cruise to emerge the celebration of many surprises and to show to the public, just like looking from the past where it all begun.

Activities and sensations will be organized to show how this kind of huge celebration take place from one place to another, from one generation to the present one. The 41st anniversary topics per part will begin with the creation of the imagination, spaceship earth, the park`s construction and the park`s grand opening. This is where Jim Korkis has written some of his stories about the park where the world is celebrating. Apparently, five years ago Wade Sampson wrote about  this kind of  phenomenon columns and published later this week.

More than 30 things that we never expected about the park which we are celebrating now is decorated with all attractions to all the public. People will witness the greatness of the park by  its own scenarios from the past up to present. Some will also recognize the stories and country feeds about the park which will be opened to the public.

On the other hands, the Epcot shirt will be available online starting October 4 where you can order it for   your souvenir for a very limited  time throughout the Disney parks online store. For the celebration  anniversary  of Epcot and Walt Disney, a World Wide Showcase as well as the 11 shirt themes to the pavilions will also be on sale that day. It is not only for the special merchandise  to be sold out but for all sale souvenir at the park of Walt Disney.

The limited edition merchandises are already started to be sale this morning at the park opening. There will be a queue set up of the innovations East breezeway for entry into the Mouse Gear for the sale items.  So what we are waiting for? Hurry up  now and buy some stuff  for you to have your souvenir for the big event we never knew.

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