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Early Voting Results 2012: Florida Early Voting Lawsuit Reaches Settlement


With lots of criticisms against what could be described as voter suppression and calls for the extension of early voting, Democrats in Florida filed a lawsuit in a U.S. District Court on Sunday to ask for extension of early voting.  The lawsuit covers the extension of the early voting to densely populated areas of Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.

The lawsuit says that the long lines prevent many voters from voting and practicing their right.

But the lawsuit against Florida election supervisors ended in a settlement with voters given the chance their ballots in person in their offices.

Florida Governor received criticisms after he refused to extend early voting in the state despite all the long lines and many hours of waiting for Floridians to cast their votes.

Adding to the agony of many voters is the state legislature’s decision to bring down the maximum days of early voting from 14 to eight.  The Florida state legislature is controlled by Republicans.

The early voting was however extended on Sunday in central Florida but was disrupted by a bomb scare.

Deirdre Mcnab, president of Florida’s League of Women Voters said about the long lines and many hours that voters had to endure in Florida:

“Florida voters are very aware of two things: No. 1, the importance of their vote in this national election and, No. 2, they are very aware of voter suppression laws. And we are so heartened to see they are voting in what so far appears to be record numbers.”

Florida is a crucial state for this presidential election.  In 2000, the 537 votes for George W. Bush won for him the presidency despite Al Gore winning the popular votes.

In the most recent polls, Obama and Romney are neck-and-neck.

Image credit: politix.topix.com

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