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Early Voting Results 2012: Obama Leads in Florida, Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina and Nevada


The race for the next president of the United States is now entering its most crucial stage, that is, the voting.

About 30 million Americans have already cast their votes for the two candidates, President Barack Obama and Republican challenger to the White House Mitt Romney.

Many of those who voted are considered early voters and about 34 states have already made their votes.

In the report and data collected by the Associated Press, battle for the key states of Ohio, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina and Nevada see greater leaning towards President Barack Obama in this early stage.

According to their report, Obama should be happy as he leads Romney in North Carolina by 16 percent, 11 percent in Iowa, 6 percent in Ohio and by slim 3 percent in Florida.  He should however, not get overconfident.

With this lead in these key battleground states in the early voting, Obama’s adviser David Axelrod said that they are expecting and will work for the preservation of the President’s lead over Romney on these crucial states.

However, the game is not yet over in this race as historically, Republicans usually flocks the polls on the day of election to cast their votes and throw their all-out support to their candidate.

Expectedly, the lead narrowed down, closed out or even overtaken in these states by Romney once Republican supporters go out to cast their ballots.

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