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Florida Election Results 2012: Sen. Bob Corker Wins Second Term


Republicans rule the state of Florida in 2012 elections.

In the Senate race, Republican Senator Bob Corker is running against the Democratic candidate Mark Clayton.  Clayton is a part-time flooring installer with seemingly not-much known background going into the elections.

The election results favored a big win for Sen. Corker.

In the House race in the 4th District, freshman Republican Rep. Scott DesJarlais leads in the votes against state Sen. Eric Stewart as of this writing. Rep. DesJarlais has gotten 21,402 votes against the 13,254 that Stewart has.

Rep. DesJarlais, a staunch critic of abortion is expected to cruise to victory.

In the national level, Mitt Romney is the clear winner in Florida with 52% of the votes going to his favor.  Only about 1% of the precincts are not yet counted.  But this win of Romney in Florida will not anymore serve its purpose as Barack Obama has already won the election with key wins in many important battleground states.

In the election between Bush and Gore, Florida handed down the former the win in that very close fight for the presidency.

Image credit: humblelibertarian.com

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