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Illinois Election Results 2012: Tammy Duckworth Defeats Rep. Joe Walsh


A Democrat won against the Republican candidate for the 8th congressional district of Illinois.

Democratic candidate Tammy Duckworth defeats Freshmen Republican US Rep. Joe Walsh on Tuesday as election results were posted.

Initial reports and polls were in favor of Duckworth.  Other polls put the Democrat into a 10-point lead before the day of elections.

Duckworth got a lead of 56.3% of the votes against 43.7% for Walsh with 41% of the votes already in.

The election in Illinois is one of those that are closely watched as the campaign made by both candidates was intense.  Election spending for ads was also astounding.

Ads against Duckworth were hyped by conservative super PAC in a bid to discredit him.  Rep. Joe Walsh is a favorite of the Tea Party.

Spending of the two candidates is reported to have reached about $6.6 million.

Image credit: globalpost.com

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