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US Election 2012 Results: North Carolina Won by Mitt Romney


Votes are already turning in and the counting has started in this hotly-contested presidential election in the United States.

US President Barack Obama is running for a second term with the promise of bringing his country forward towards the realization of their goals and the completion of all the programs he started when he first run in 2008.

Republican challenger Mitt Romney on the other hand promises change in a bid to take over White House and change many of Obama’s policies which for him and his party has dragged the United States further into deficit and economic downturn.

In the last list of surveys, the two are neck-and-neck with the results of the US Presidential polls going either way, though Obama shows a very slim lead; a lead which signals of nothing to get very comfortable about.

In the latest update to the US Presidential results, Mitt Romney has won North Carolina.

Voters gave Romney 50.4% of the votes while Obama got 48.6% of the votes.

North Carolina is one of the handful key battleground states that may decide this election in favor of Obama or Romney.

Image credit: abcnews.go.com

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