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US Election Results 2012: Barack Obama Wins Second Term! Defeats Romney in Key Battleground States


One of the most important and crucial states in this exhausting and expensive US Presidential elections favored the incumbent.

The state of Ohio in its results of elections has favored US President Barack Obama against his challenger, the Republican Mitt Romney.

The win in Ohio was earlier projected by news networks conducting polls like MSNBC and Fox News.

Results show that Obama won 50.3% of the votes while Romney got 48% of the votes.

Aside from Ohio, Obama has won other key states like Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.  These two states are key in this win by Obama.

Romney in the latest results won North Carolina.

Obama’s win in New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania hit Republicans with the latter state as the hometown of Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan.

The two candidates in their last of campaign has fought hardly to get the votes of people from the key battleground states.  Obama for his part made his last campaign in Ohio with a very emotional, fired-up speech.  He was even photographed shedding some tears during his speech.

This win in Ohio gives Obama the edge in electoral votes and seals the deal for his second term.

Obama has already gotten the needed 275 electoral votes in this grueling elections and will serve for a second term.

Obama is also projected to win Colorado .

As of this writing, Obama has gotten the 275 needed electoral votes while Romney has 201 electoral votes.

Image credit: cbsnews.com

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