Christian Bale Says Not to “Child 44” Movie Project


Is Christian Bale is so busy that he rejected the opportunity of starring in the movie project entitled “Child 44”?

The movie that is to be directed by Daniel Espinosa and will be under Scott Free Productions will no longer include the actor.

The 38-year old actor said no to the project which is based on thriller book of the same title by Tom Rob Smith.  The actor has not stated though his reason for passing on the opportunity.

Bale has reportedly been thinking into taking “American Bulls—” in April.  But this also raised the concern of him starring in the new movie for the Terminator franchise.

“Child 44” is about a Soviet military who was tasked to uncover the truth about killings of children but was targeted by the paranoid Soviet government.  The novel is based on the true to life story of Andrei Chikatilo, the Ukranian serial killer who was sentenced by death for masterminding 52 murders.

Christian Bale would have played the role of the lawyer Leo Demidov who investigated the murders.

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