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Clinton Falls Asleep During Obama Speech in Myanmar (VIDEO)


It was a historical moment for Myanmar as US President Barack Obama visited the country that was for many decades ruled by a military government and shut down a democratic system of governance.

But after the historic visit, news pages are now abuzz of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seemingly falling asleep during the speech of the re-elected US President.

President Obama made an address at the University of Yangon at Myanmar on Monday.  The crowd filled the venue and listening to the speech of the president are top officials of Myanmar.  Hillary Clinton was also there seated next to Aung San Suu Kyi, former Burmese dissident  and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

In the middle of the speech, Clinton was still engaged and listening seriously to the message of the president.  But as the speech came to its end, the State Secretary was caught by cameras taking a short nap.

The video is now going viral.

After Myanmar, President Obama went to Cambodia for the ASEAN Summit while he dispatched Hillary Clinton to Israel to resolve the war between Israel and the Hamas in Gaza.


Clinton Falls Asleep

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  1. Patrick says:

    Give her some credits. Burma is a hot and humid country, and that building is not air conditioned (I’d been there before). Jet lag from their flight schedules on their 6-hour visit half a globe away, and whirlwind pace of their meetings would make anyone else from N. America to doze off briefly. No big deal.


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