Free Money ATM: Free Cash Dispensed by British ATM Machine


A traffic light like going crazy is ok, but a machine dispensing free money is another  whole crazier thing.

The online world is abuzz of the most recent news of an ATM machine that disposed free money  to dozens of people.

In the report of BBC, the malfunctioning automated teller machine drew out the attention of cash-strapped citizens with lines stretching a block from where the ATM stands.  The machine is located outside the Bank of Scotland in Rutherglen.

The machine reportedly dispensed double the amount of what a customer originally had requested for withdrawal.

Because of the long line of people and the commotion it created, police officials arrived at the scene and took a look at the situation.  Police soon notified the bank of the malfunctioning machine dispensing out free cash.  Bank officials immediately shut down the machine, of course, to the dismay of those who also lined up to get their share.

Bank officials reports say, will contact all those people who were affected by the broken ATM machine as regards to balances in their accounts.  They will also contact and trace all those accounts that received free cash.

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