Justin Bieber to be Prosecuted for Spitting Neighbor Incident?


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If the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department would say, Justin Bieber would be prosecuted for spitting neighbor, according to the report.

Accordingly, the 19-year-old pop star Justin Bieber spit at his neighbor and threatened his life after the Calabasas man complained about Bieber’s reckless driving. Apparently, the LA County Sheriff’s department will recommend that Justin Bieber pass along their investigation to the L.A County District Attorney so that criminal battery charges can be filed against him.

The said recommendation is because of the fact that the department believes that Bieber has shown “disregard for the law”.

This past Tuesday, Justin Bieber was allegedly became aggressive and reportedly took out his Ferrari at 8 am for a100 mph spin through his gated posh community and his neighbor went over to his property and yelled “You can’t drive like this!” in the morning. Bieber response badly and spit in his neighbor’s face.

The said neighbor, 47-years-old resident, who is a successful businessman and a father-of-three, filed a battery report against Bieber.

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