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Hottest Supermodel on Earth is Kate Upton, Vogue Says


kate upton

Kate Upton was chosen by Vogue magazine to be the Hottest Supermodel on Earth. Kate Upton is being featured on the cover of the said magazine for June 2013 issue.

The said cover of magazine, which is Kate’s first for Vogue, proudly implied that Upton is the hottest supermodel on Earth. Meanwhile, some fashion aficionados disagree with the title given to Upton, and some made arguments of the declaration.

Based on her latest photo, you cant deny the fact the Upton is fully of an awesome and revealing appeal in such a way that she can become one of the most powerful forces in the modelling industry.

“The things that they’re rejecting are things that I can’t change,” she said. “I can’t change my bra size. They’re natural! I can work out and I can stay healthy and motivated. But I can’t change some things.”

Despite all the critics and argumentation, Upton still seems to be landing every major modelling project possible, not to mention being the highest ranked model on Maxim’s 2013 Hot 100 list. But, she admitted that there are still turns she’d like to see her career make.

Vogue’s June issue featuring Kate Upton hits the newsstands on May 21.



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