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Baby Cries Emotionally When Hearing Mom Singing (Video)


Babies usually cry when they are hungry, when they are hurt, or when they are sick. But have you heard of a baby singing just because she heard her mom singing a song? Yes, you heard it right, a baby from Canada emotionally cried when she heard her mother sang a song.

The 10-month old crying baby was identified as Mary Lynne Leoux. Her mom named Amanda sang the song “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” and was surprised to see that her baby started to have tears in her eyes.

When interviewed at Canada’s TVA, Amanda told that she’s too shy to sing in public. But with her baby Mary as her number one, she will surely be glad to render another piece of the song.Baby Cries Emotionally Hearing Her Mom Sings

Mary the crying baby was an instant Youtube sensation. Tagged as “Emotional Baby! Too Cute!”, her video was uploaded on October 18 by her father Alain Leroux in Youtube with total views currently at 15 million.

Watch the video and be amazed at how cute this baby is!

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