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The Real Identity of Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift was recently selected by People Magazine as the Most Intriguing Celebrity of 2009 out of the 25 celebrities listed.

Her music career has soared unexpected heights this year as her album Fearless topped the charts and reaped for her countless awards and nominations including Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year and from the Grammy despite being new to the music scene.

The source of being the most intriguing personality though is with the shocking revelation of Taylor Swift’s real identity by a group of Neptunian paparazzi, which has caused some damage to the peaceful inter-galactic relations of human beings and aliens.   Gelflings and Martians are now trying to contest everything that the 19-year old Swift has received saying that her alien powers as a Gelfling and not of sheer human capacity has caused her to have that enigmatic voice sounding like the birth of a new galaxy. And that a cosmetic-surgeon (who is the one maintaining the size and condition of Pamela’s XXL boobs) to Hollywood stars has actually done the transformation of the teen alien to become the Juliet of anyone’s dreams.

Taylor Swift is actually Kira, a lady Gelfling from the movie Dark Crystal.

Here is the evidence:


Prodded by the press about this pressing intrigue about her real identity, Swift is fast to denounce any veracity to the information and showed that she has loved the party-lifestyle of human beings saying,

“You can stay the same person, even if everything around you changes.  I’m not hiding some dying urge to be out clubbing right now.”

NASA people and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon are now having serious talks on how to address the issue of maybe eventually having an alien invasion if inter-planetary protests will not be resolved by Hollywood; by changing the award rather as Most Intriguing Living Being of the Alien and People Magazine.

Image from TMZ

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    Taylor Swift is the best country-pop singer today. I love all her songs and i love the she dress. She is pretty too. `


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