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Eminem Died in a Fatal Car Crash


funny-eminemAnother online hoax.  This time it is rapper Eminem.  Rumors spread out like wild fire that rapper Eminem died in a terrible car crash this morning after his car crushed on an oncoming truck off the other lane.

The cause of the fatal incident?  Well, those who spread the rumor said that Eminem was using his mobile phone while driving, that caused him to hit the bigger vehicle eventually costing his dear life.

He then brought to nearby hospital but died from too much bleeding.

One fictionalized Dr. Adams was quoted to say, “There was really nothing we could do to help him”.

To even create more drama, it said that MTV will have to offer a special memorial program for the rap singer.

Hoax about celebrity deaths are nothing new.

I will not wonder if sometime soon, we may hear the news that Michael Jackson has just died of a car accident.

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  1. Brian Hughes says:

    eminem is one of the best rapper in town, i like his style of rapping..’-

  2. Isabel Lee says:

    Eminem is a good rap artist eventhough his personal life is a bit complicated~*:


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