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James Yap Wishes for a Miracle to Save his Marriage with Kris Aquino


james kris“Sana may miracle na maganap.” Those were the words James Yap held as he continuously explained that he won’t give up wooing his wife Kris Aquino.  He’s hoping that Kris would just relax and take time to think about their relationship. Yap claims that Kris was under stress during the campaign days, and now that she took a vacation to be away from such issues, he prays that Kris would loosen up and perhaps, change her decision.

Yet, despite of all the rumors being thrown, James Yap vehemently denies that he is a womanizer. Also he does not believe the rumors linking his wifey to several politicians and young actors.

“Hindi ganyan ang asawa ko.” James said.

After Kris confirmed that she had taken legal action about their separation, Yap refused to be interviewed. He even avoided the news team by going through the stadium back doors.

I wonder what is it that James Yap could have done that only a miracle could save their marriage?

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