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Natalie Portman, 2011 Oscars Best Actress Winner Will not Call her Child an Oscars Baby


She is pregnant and she bagged the best actress award during the 2011 Oscars Awards Night for her stellar performance for the movie “Black Swan.”

The child inside her womb may have added some luck, but Natalie Portman is insisting that her would-be baby will never be called baby Oscar.

Natalie Portman with her baby bump during the 2011 Oscar Awards.

Portman, 29, said in several interviews that she will not be paying tribute to her Academy Awards win by giving her first child the tag.  She is expected to give birth this summer.

The actress who played the role of a tormented ballerina said during an interview after winning the major award:

“I think that’s probably, definitely out of the question.  It’s a nice name but now I don’t think it would be right to have two Oscars in the house. We wouldn’t want to get confused!”

Portman had already previously won best actress awards for the same movie during the Golden Globe and BAFTA.

She explained that having a baby “has been a protection against all the hoopla and everything which is more superficial.”

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