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Clooney Says Goodbye to Girlfriend


History indeed repeats itself! Just ask Sexy man George Clooney, he is, after all, single again.

In an email sent to the ABCNews.com today, Clooney’s publicist has confirmed that the 50 year old actor has broken up with his Italian actress girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis. “We are not together anymore. It’s very difficult and very personal, and we hope everyone can respect our privacy,” was the former ER hearthrob’s plea to the public.

Earlier this month, rumours that the pair is heading towards splitsville have been circulating. The couple, however, laughed off the idea of them going separate ways. In fact, just about a week ago, the two were spotted sharing a romantic candlelit dinner near the actor’s home on Lake Como.

While the couple remains mum over the reason for the break up, Tinseltown is speculating “marriage”- a topic the hunky George is ever elusive of.

In a previous interview, Ms. Canalis has been very vocal about her desire to be married. “I am a firm believer in marriage. In the future I will be married,” said the 32 year old beauty. “I could never be with someone who every time he opens his mouth says he doesn’t want a child with me or to marry me,” shared Canalis in a separate interview.

When will his girls ever learn that Georgy just isn’t the marrying type.

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