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Charlize Theron Will Never Get Married


I don’t know whether to say, “Never say never” or if I would advice her to hook up with George Clooney instead because he also swore off getting married in this lifetime.

Anyway, it looks like Charlize will never be seen wearing a wedding gown unless it is needed for her role.

The Oscar-winning South African native said in the past that she would not marry until marriage was legalized for gays and lesbians. Now it has been, at least for the state of New York and a few other states, so Charlize thought of changing her tune – she will never get married, period.

No ifs and buts about it anymore, she just does not believe that getting married is important.

Charlize had this to say about the matter on the show Piers Morgan Tonight, “Marriage — before I felt this way about [marriage equality] — was never something that was important to me…I don’t know the exact reason for that.”

“Some would say because I came from a very troubled marriage,” she mused. “My parents did not have a good marriage, but I don’t think it’s that.”

According to Charlize all she wants for herself is a long-term relationship and that the actual ceremony is not important to her although she understands the importance of it for other people.

Hey, George I think Charlize is the girl for you.

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