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Orlando Bloom Asked for the Epidural Miranda Kerr Wouldn’t Have


In giving birth, as in everything else in life, it is really ‘to each his own’. Some mothers-to-be would like to go through the whole child-birthing experience painlessly while others prefer to endure all the blood, sweat, tears and well, gore.

One such mom was Miranda Kerr (I proudly belong to the first category. My birthing motto being, ‘let’s get this over and done with – quickly!’).

According to 28-year old Kerr, “I had made the decision to not have any drugs, no epidural, nothing…To each their own. I’m crazy for doing that!”

The funny thing was, according to the supermodel, her husband Orlando Bloom acted like a big baby when she gave birth to son Flynn on January 6, saying “Give me the epidural!'”

As Kerr recalled, Bloom said, “‘Seriously, if you don’t want it, I’ll take it because right now I’m dying watching you go through this pain.'”

(Sweet, but definitely funny, right?)

Kerr also said she and Orlando are not ready to give baby Flynn, now 6 months, a sibling just yet.

She adds, “I always thought I would have three [kids]. Right now I’m just trying to enjoy Flynn. They say the first three years are the most important, so I want to make sure that he gets the attention and the nurturing and love that he really needs. So we’ll see what happens.”

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