Hubert Webb Goes Back to School


After spending 15 years in state penitentiary for the alleged Vizconde massacre, prime suspect Hubert Webb is trying to make up for lost time by getting his life outside of prison walls back on track – starting with going back to school.

Hubert was a surprise attendee at columnist and showbiz talk show host, Cristy Fermin’s birthday bash at Zirkoh bar, and the press lost no time in taking the opportunity to find out how he was doing after being released from jail, via a ruling of the Supreme Court declaring that the evidences presented against him was not sufficient to declare him guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Webb proudly told the media that he is adjusting well to ‘normal’ life outside of prison and that if there is anything he is still not used to, it is the heavy traffic in the metro that cost him three hours of travel time to get to the party.

He added that he has gone back to school and is taking up vocational courses on auto mechanics, with hopes of one day opening his own shop. He said ever since he was a little boy he has always been interested in cars.

Asked if he would like his life story made into a movie, Webb said he welcomes the idea as he is in need of cash, but so far, no one has recently approached him with a firm offer.

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