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Stacy Keibler Ups Appearance Fees


Surely you have heard about the phrase “guilty by association”, but how about “famous by association”? If you have not heard about such a phrase, try asking Stacy Keibler because she is living it.

Hollywood A-list actor George Clooney’s new squeeze, Keibler, has made herself the newest member of the A-list circle by virtue of her relationship with the A-list actor that she has even hiked up her fees for attending events and gatherings.

According to reports, Keibler, a former World Wrestling professional and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ former contender, would no longer attend any event unless she is paid $25,000 for her appearance. The new sum is more than double what she used to ask for to attend these events in the past probably because her dalliances with Clooney has now been made public, hence, official.

Events and party planners are saying that Keibler used to ask around $10,000 for personal appearances at their events and parties.

A source explained that event organizers are willing to pay her the hiked up appearance fee because they are hoping George Clooney might show up.

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