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Hugh Grant Welcomes Baby Girl


And you thought it was never going to happen.

English Actor Hugh Grant is finally a dad — at 51. Last October, The Notting Hill star, met his baby girl up close and personal.

“I can confirm that Hugh Grant is the delighted father of a baby girl. He and the mother had a fleeting affair and while this was not planned, Hugh could not be happier or more supportive. He and the mother have discussed everything and are on very friendly terms,” confirms the actor’s rep.

While the identity of the baby’s mother has not been revealed, speculations are high that the baby momma is no other than Chinese actress Tinglan Hong, whom Grant has been dating early January.

A source close to Grant reveals to Us Weekly that Grant is delighted to have the baby although he is no longer with the mother.
“He’s going to be a great dad! He’s beaming about his daughter. He’s not with the mum anymore but he’s absolutely thrilled,” said the source.

Back in 2007, the Four Weddings and a Funeral star has revealed to Vogue magazine his desire to be a father. “As much as I adore myself, I’m quite keen to find someone else to care about more,” explains the Bridget Jone’s Diary Antagonist. “I remember reading a Warren Beatty quote when he finally had children and said what a relief it was to not be all me, me, me.” he added.

Grant, who has dated British model and actress Elizabeth Hurley for 13 years, has never been married. On 1995, he was arrested on Sunset Boulevard for misdemeanour lewd conduct in a public place.

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