Robert de Niro Barred from Hotel


In true method acting fashion, Hollywood living legend Robert de Niro transformed himself into what looked like a true blue homeless man – and he was barred from entering a luxury hotel because no one recognized him!

de Niro was stopped from entering a luxury hotel as security officials mistook him for a real homeless man, a character he is playing in his latest movie, “Being Flynn”.

In the movie, de Niro plays a struggling writer working in a homeless shelter. To prepare himself for the role, de Niro took to the streets to get into the mindset of someone who has nowhere to call home.

You can say he played the part and looked the part so well that security guards failed to recognize him and refused to let him into The Greenwich hotel after a day of shooting.

The heavily disguised De Niro said, “I didn’t blame the security; they didn’t want me in. I said, ‘I wouldn’t want somebody like myself in here either.’ I knew they wouldn’t recognize me.”

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