Woman Breaks In At Simon Cowell’s Home


‘X Factor’ judge and media mogul Simon Cowell should seriously think about firing his security personnel — all of them!

Can you imagine a woman breaking into your home with just a broken brick as weapon, wandering around the premises undetected by your security team — and even wandered far enough to be able to hide in your bathroom?

What is worse, it had to be you, the boss, who would discover the break in?

Seems pretty surreal but it was exactly what happened to Simon Cowell, who was reportedly shaken up by the whole incident.
Understandably so, because it was the 52-year-old reality TV mogul who found the woman armed with a brick going room to room in his West London mansion.

The woman, identified as Leanne Zaloumis aged 29 was charged with one count of aggravated burglary. Zaloumis appeared before West London Magistrates’ Court Monday where it was revealed that she intended to “inflict grievous bodily harm upon a person therein and at the time of committing the said burglary had with [her] a weapon of offense, namely a broken house brick.”

Lucky for Simon she did not have a gun instead of a broken brick.

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