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Different Fashion Style in Hermes Scarf


In history, shawls have been made from a variation of cloths, from heavy coat knits to fine silk knit, patterned or plain each style fit to its setting or the style of the retro. Scarves are commonly made from silk, rayon or acetate, which deal a light weight, fluid movement, strength, and a sparkling texture. Other fabrics for scarves are cotton and wool, which make for a faintly heavier scarf, with structure and often textured finishes.

As a use of scarves in different proportions and designs to style almost anything, from necklaces to belts, shrugs, halters, handbags and makeshift dresses.

Different ways on how to wear a scarf. A scarf is a fun and useful way to accessorize. Here’s are some designs how to wear a scarf.

1. Starts the basic folding called in French Pli de Base – Cinch your waist with a Ceinture Anneau. Fold the scarf corner to corner. Then, overlap four times. From this, you can use it in various ways. Add a buckle at the center and it becomes a belt. Insert one end on each side of the buckle. Pull in opposite directions and knot as desired.

2. Cool Summer wrap – Mini Cape

3. Glam Style – Maxi Robe Papillon

4. Headdress option – Pirate Fleur

5. Fresh take on the braid – Bandeau Tresse. Wrap it around your head and braid together with your hair and you have a hair accessory.

6. Stylist Cowboy – Cowboy Anneau

7. Luzurious bag strap = Bandouliere Sac

8. Mod Neclace – Collier. Knot as many times as you want and clasp on your neck and it becomes a necklace.

9. Wear it as a top – Top Cache

10. Use as a bag – Mini Sac

Why scarf still used? To protect the head/hairstyle, to look good in the process. It also gained popularity because of functionality among female cancer patients who have exprienced hair-loss.

Scarves is very useful not only as a accessories.

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Different Fashion Style in Hermes Scarf  



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