First NBA Flopping Warnings Go to Donald Sloan and JJ Barea


A new policy to end the acting careers of some pro basketball players has been implemented with two players given the first NBA flopping warnings on Monday.

The warnings were issued to Donald Sloan of Cleveland and JJ Barea of Minnesota.

In their respective games last Friday, the two were caught trying to practice their acting skills on the floor.

Sloan tumbled a few feet away against Nazr Mohammed of Chicago Bulls after a pick was set against him the latter.  On the other hand, Barea in their game against Sacramento was seen to have thrown his upper body backward after his defender Jimmer Fredette made contact with him during the fourth quarter of their match.

The NBA has issued a new policy regarding players over-acting and overselling contacts during games to trick referees of calling fouls.

Sloan in his reaction with getting the first warning said,

“The extra on the end kind of made it bad. To be one of the first ones (warned) kind of (stinks).”

The offense however does not come for free as players may have pay the fine of $5,000 for second offense, $10,000 for third, $30,000 for fifth and they could even be suspended to spend some time in Hollywood for successive acting tricks.

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