Daughter Wears Embarassing T-Shirt in School as Dad Punishment (Photo)


Parents have different ways to discipline their children. Unfortunately, some go for humiliation just like what happened to a daughter who wore an embarrassing t-shirt at school.

The photo which went viral on Reddit.com last Thursday, January 24, 2013, shows a girl wearing a t-shirt with her father’s scowling face on it and the words “Try Me!!”

Dad Embarasses Daughter by Making Her Wear T-Shirt

The t-shirt was clearly embarrassing as seen in the reaction of the daughter’s very unhappy face! [We’ve hidden the face of the girl above to avoid further embarrassment]. Unfortunately, dad ordered his daughter to wear the t-shirt in school for one week because she broke his curfew rule.

The photo was originally uploaded at imgur.com with a caption: “What my friend made his daughter wear to school for a week as punishment for coming home past curfew. Parenting win?”

Since it was shared on Reddit last Thursday, the photo has currently generated over 1.7 million views on imgur.com

Experts says that humiliation on embarrassment as a punishment is not the right way to teach self-discipline to children. They say that it can do more harm than good as it is counterproductive.

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