Gangnam Style Baby Dance Video Goes Viral


The famous Gangnam Style of Psy did not end on Times Square during the New Year’s Eve this year when the singer danced his hit song in front of thousands of crowd.

That is because the craze continues even after the video hit the first-billion mark in Youtube. Many have danced in their own Gangnam way and this includes a baby. Yes, even babies got attracted to the hit horse dance!

Baby Gangnam

John Karam uploaded a baby’s video dancing to the tune of Gangnam Style on Youtube last January 18, 2013. As of this writing, the video has gone viral and currently has more than 1.7 million of views.

The cute and adorable baby was described to be just 7 months old in the 46-second long video. He’s so cute that according to users, their babies are in awe when they see the video.

Curious how cute the baby is? Watch the adorable baby below. And yes, he got the moves!

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