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Wonder Girls Member Left, US Tour Cancelled


wondergirls1The group may have created an internet sensation, but it seems that their being on top is just temporary.

Wonder Girls, the Korean all-girl group that popularized the song “Nobody” has reportedly postponed the release of their English album and canceled their solo debut on US soil as one of their member has broken up with the group.

Summi left the group to continue her studies and will be immediately replaced by Hae Lim, and this latest setback to the group angered many fans and follower of the K-pop group.  Summi has not yet given her official statement.

With out Summi, Lim is going to assume the responsibilities left by Summi including re-recording some of the songs in the album.

Any reaction on this celebrity gossip?  Kindly post your comments.

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  1. sana sumali si linda carter sa wonder girls


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