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Teachers' Group Slam Osang and Suspension of Showtime; Anti-Osang Groups Surfacing


Though they are the recipient Rosanna “Osang” Roces’s negative, irresponsible and discriminatory remarks last January 7, they themselves do not agree with the way MTRCB has handled the issue by slapping the talent show “Showtime” an automatic 20-day suspension, and called it “too much for a penalty.”


The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition was the first teachers’ group to slam at Roces’ remarks on the show describing them as “insulting words”. Further, the group said that,

With the show management’s action ahead of the censors’ board, the network and Ms. Roces herself, indeed, admitted that there were excesses. The removal of Ms. Roces in the hurados and her apology are proofs that the show management is responsible enough to regulate and penalize itself. We are in sympathy with the show’s production staff, hosts, other judges, contestants and the viewing public who, in one way or another, have been affected by this controversy.

Teachers also called the attention of all programs, their staff and hosts, for this issue to serve as a lesson to be extra sensitive and responsible when airing out their thoughts in front of the camera.

With the controversy heating up and many camps and sectors now slamming the haste of MTRCB’s decision, some fans have even created an anti-Osang page on the popular social networking site Facebook calling it Rosanna Roces Hate Club.

One friend on Twitter even said that ABS-CBN should be suing Osang by now as the very reason for the suspension, as she was just a guest judge and was paid for it led the show to a disaster. While other twitter friends suggested of schools banning and boycotting Osang. Well, how are we to boycott someone who is already a “laos” as they say?

Check out the post and video of Osang’s negative remarks here and join the discussion:

What do you think of the growing anger against Osang: anti-Osang Facebook page, sue her instead and ban or boycott her? What should be done to her instead or to the MTRCB? Kindly share your comments?

Image from ABS-CBN

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  1. jan geronimo says:

    My reaction to anti-Osang group/boycott movement: bollocks. Mag- FarmVille na lang kayo no. Ahehehe. Peace! Seriously, get a grip, people. Do you have to make patol to every unfortunate and ill-advised remarks?


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